Monday, August 22, 2016

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - Early Afternoon

Lefebvre's corps attacks Unter Laiching
Things are happening much earlier in this game than happened historically. During the actual battle, the Allied forces waited through the morning for Napoleon and Lannes to arrive from Landshut, while the Austrians waited until early afternoon to give Kolowrat's II Corps time ti recuperate from a night march. That could have happened here - the Austrians drew a "Late Start" mode card at the beginning of turn 1, which should have kept all of the Austrian commanders in bed until they rolled a "1" on a D6 or until an enemy unit engaged an Austrian unit within 10 hexes of the commander. Interestingly, they also drew the "Early Arrival" mode card, which, having a higher number than "Late Start", and which puts all units on the map in command on turn 1, immediately cancelled the "Late Start" Effect.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Command Ops 2 Steam Greenlight

In case you haven't run across it yet, LnL Publishing has submitted the fantastic WWII game Command Ops 2  to Steam Greenlight. I think this is a great move on the part of LnL, and rushed right over to vote for it. If you haven't played this game you're missing a treat. It'll be an even greater thing to have it on Steam.

Scourge of War Waterloo - Sandbox Play

Marching my division across the Belgian countryside toward our objective, a small town

After playing The Last Success  much of yesterday, I finished the evening with a session of Scourge of War: Waterloo to have a slightly different Napoleonic experience.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - 1

First video of my Eckmuhl play. End of the 11AM turn.

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - Opening Moves

Vandamme's Corps moving on Buchausen at 10AM
It turned out to be a busy week and so I wasn't able to actually start this game as I'd planned. I have managed to get started today, however. It's been slow going getting started as I finished setting everything up and the had to get reacquainted with the rules.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Playing This Week: OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl

Looking north toward Eckmuhl
Usually, I don't manage to play too many boardgames during the week. However, I'm realizing that if I'm ever going to play most of the games I have I'm going to need to play more frequently! So, this week I'm going to get serious about tackling OSG's operational Napoleonic games, namely their game about the 1809 campaign: The Last Success.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Old School Tactical - First Play

For a variety of reasons, even though I received my copy of Old School Tactical while at Origins, I haven't been able to get it on the table until today.

Playing the "Brandenburgers" scenario in my new gaming room